YM Labs is providing the pathway to change the paradigm of construction materials being used today, leading to dramatic improvements in  communities throughout our world. Focused on the use of  organic components, our pioneering products are stronger and more affordable alternatives than current construction materials.  The products resist decay from high moisture environments and are not affected by mold or mildew. We offer complete, sustainable, negative carbon footprint, pre cast in place and prefab hemp houses, panels, bricks, blocks, fireproof panels, hemp plasters and insulation. 

YM Labs products cost significantly less than what is available on the market today. Our products offer a simplified application process, resulting in less time and labor, which together have a compounding effect on the reduction of costs for residential, commercial and industrial construction projects.

The environmental benefits from our organic products are many. Our process is environmentally conscious, helping to reducing the carbon footprint. YM Labs products provide superior strength and require less material to do the same job as current products and will last considerably longer.