Why Hemp 






 A combination of hemp fibers and hurds that have been  subjected to extreme heat and pressure can be formed into a completely biodegradable material. It is competitive  in tensile and compressive strength to modern materials.

One acre of hemp produces as much cellulose fiber pulp as 4.1 acres of trees.

Hemp absorbs carbon dioxide and puts nitrogen back into the soil. Co2 Emissions (.545kg/kWh)

Hemp has a NEGATIVE carbon footprint !

Hemp brings an average of 50% of energy savings

Hemp creates a healthier interior and exterior environment.

Non flammable

Breathable Nontoxic Walls that are moisture and air permeable

*air permeability 0.7 gm/m2/mm hg

* humidity permeability 23 gm/m2/mm hg


Fire Resistant


Airtight (<2: m3/m2 hr @50pa)

No Dry Rot

Zero Landfill

Durable- low maintenance